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We Want Your Muddy Pictures!

A truck covered in mud usually means that there is a great story waiting to be told. We also know a few car and SUV owners who like to get them dirty!

Charlie Snearly, 9/10/2013

Snap a picture of your dirty Ford vehicle after a day out in the elements, with mud hanging off the fender and dirt tracks on the driveway, and click here to submit to us!

Just take a look at Caleb M, who says that he always using his Ford to pull his friend’s trucks out of the mud when they head off road for some fun.

Larry M can be found driving his Raptor into the woods at Mt. Morris Mounds, one of the off-road vehicle parks in the Great Lakes region. He has found several deep mud holes that come up to the axles. You can bet that his Raptor sports a nice coat of mud every time he drives home.

This Ford Social member installed 37-inch tall mudding tires on his truck, which leaves it sitting niche and high off the ground when combined with a 6-inch lift kit. He manages to get it into the muck up to the fender flares.

We will gather all the submissions together and then give you an opportunity to vote for the truck that is the dirtiest of the dirty, the most in need of a wash.

So what are you waiting for? Get out into the beautiful, outdoors and make some memories to share!


Ford Global Week of Caring Tori Tellem, 9/8/2013

One person can truly make a difference. Now imagine the change in the world when that number becomes thousands upon thousands.

September 2013 marks the eighth annual Ford Global Week of Caring, in which Ford employees and retirees as well as dealerships volunteer for community projects. This year, approximately 12,000 Ford employees are taking part in more than 315 projects on six continents.

“Our employees do everything from assisting Habitat for Humanity builds here, working with orphans in Nanjing to building fresh water wells in South Africa,” said Janet Lawson, Director of Ford Volunteer Corps. “Some run blood drives or help stock food pantries. Last year in India, volunteers collected and donated 750 pairs of shoes and 1,500 pairs of socks to schoolchildren in India who had none.”

It’s estimated that volunteers will give 55,000 hours during Global Week of Caring. The Ford Volunteer Corps is part of Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services, the philanthropic arm of Ford Motor Company.

In addition to new community projects, each year some are expanded or ongoing.

“I mean there are so many unbelievable projects. Really, it’s about making a difference in the world. A huge difference,” Janet said. “Ford Global Week of Caring is part of our DNA. It’s another way we Go Further. It’s what we are all about.”

Ford has a legacy of caring that extends back more than 100 years, and that same level of commitment and care given to building vehicles extends to giving back to others.

“Ford volunteers are engaged, energized, and making a world of difference for people in need,” Janet added. “Ford volunteers are the face of Ford in the community, and proudly carry on the company’s legacy of caring and community service.”



  • New Ford Escape is the first-ever small utility to break the 150,000-vehicle salesmark through the first six months of the year
  • Escape’s coastal sales were up 33 percent from January through May, based on Polk retail registration data; top trade-ins for Escape are coming from Honda and Toyota owners
  • After adding a third shift, Louisville Assembly Plant – home of Escape – has built more vehicles in the first six months of the year than any Ford plant in North America

The Ford Escape set a new sales record. It is now the first small utility ever to sell more than 150,000 vehicles in the first half of any year.

Ford Escape is on pace to break its all-time annual sales record, set last year, of 261,008 vehicles sold. Sales through June totaled 156,626 vehicles. Escape has outsold Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 through the first half of this year.

“The Ford Escape’s great performance, standout design and outstanding fuel economy are bringing new buyers into the showroom,” said Amy Marentic, group marketing manager, global cars and crossovers. “It’s great to see Escape break new ground, which shows we are listening to customers and delivering competitive global vehicles.”

With year-over-year U.S. sales up 23 percent, Escape outpaced the industry growth rate in the small utility segment, which grew 13 percent during the same six-month period. Retail registrations of Escape on the coasts were up 33 percent, three times as much growth as the small utility segment, with new customers in key coastal markets contributing to Escape’s success.

Coastal cities experiencing top retail sales growth include Miami, 61 percent; Orlando, Fla., 41 percent; Charlotte, N.C. and Seattle, both 33 percent; Washington, D.C., 31 percent; and San Francisco, 26 percent. Escape is seeing strong growth from coast to coast, with retail sales increases of 25 percent in both Los Angeles and Boston.

In Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle, Charlotte and Washington, D.C., the top competitive conquest brand is Toyota. In New York and San Francisco, the top competitive conquest is Honda.

“Coastal areas, historically dominated by Honda and Toyota, are important to overall U.S. share growth of Ford Motor Company,” said Erich Merkle, Ford sales analyst. “Honda’s share of the small utility segment is down 2 full percentage points this year, as Escape continues to conquest retail customers on the coasts.”

The highest competitive conquest rates for Escape include San Francisco, 58 percent; Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and Washington, D.C., all 54 percent; Boston, 53 percent; and Charlotte, 52 percent.

With a strong lineup of cars, trucks and utilities, Ford brand sales are up 14 percent over last year, with 20 percent of this growth coming from Escape sales. Within Ford’s utility lineup, Escape accounts for 57 percent of this year’s

This momentum means Louisville Assembly Plant, home of Ford Escape, produced more vehicles than any Ford plant in North America for the first six months of the year.

“Because of unprecedented demand, last year we had to add a third crew and 1,300 additional jobs for a total of approximately 4,500 people making the all-new Escape,” said Daryl Sykes, Louisville plant manager. “We have the best, brightest and most hard-working workforce right here in Louisville, and that’s why we’re the busiest plant in North America.”

Customers have responded to Escape’s improved fuel economy, sleek new design, enhanced cargo capacity and such innovative technology features as its foot-activated, hands-free liftgate.overall sales growth.