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Ford and Team Up to Help Fans Find Fresh Local Food Sean Johnston,
Want to help improve the health of your body, and the planet? Consider eating local. Joining the so-called “Locavore” movement means making a commitment to eating fresh foods that are grown close to where you are. Closer food sources means less energy is used to transport it from the farm to your plate. Plus, it’s nice to know where the contents of your salad or fruit plate came from. So what’s Ford got to do with food? As part of the company’s commitment to promoting sustainable practices, Ford teamed up with – a leading sustainability website – to create an app that makes it easy for users to find local food options. The Food Tripping App has over 50,000 “good food” locations including eateries, farmer’s markets and food stores with locally-sourced options. Just in time for Earth Day! “This new app is just one example of how Ford and are collaborating to help inspire people to make smarter environmental decisions,” says John Viera, Global Director of Sustainability, Ford Motor Company. Do you have a hot tip on a great place to score some good local food? Well, don’t keep it to yourself! Connect and share your favorite places with other tech-savvy locavores. The Food Tripping App allows users to add custom entries into their expansive database, so check back often. Whether you’re in the mood to try a new fresh market near your house, or if you’re on the road and looking for a good place to eat healthy, the Food Tripping App can help. You can download the app on the Apple App Store or on Google Play. You can also find both links, along with a comprehensive overview of the app on the website. If you’re heading over to, you might want to also check out the list of best green gadgets to take with you when you’re on the go. From backpacks made from used plastic bottles to a solar-chargeable music boom box, these are must-haves for any green-conscious traveler. Keep the Earth Day celebrations rolling by checking out our coverage of green technology news from Ford Motor Company and by grabbing a Green badge.



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